I’ve Got the Fever!

No, not the flu or any other illness. This is fever of the “cabin” kind, as in too many days spent inside without the opportunity to wander outside.

I’m not the only one afflicted this time of year. Snowy, icy weather is holding lots of people hostage. In my little town, the icy conditions following the snow made the roads dangerously slick. Now, however, the rain has come, at least for a few days, and the bad ice is melting.

Other people are getting out, going to town, stocking up on groceries. And yet, I am still dependent on the kindness of others. With bilateral knee replacement, the fall risk is too great in the ice and the snow. Who knew winter wasn’t a good time to have this surgery? I guess I just didn’t think that far ahead.

Again and again, I remind myself that this is a temporary condition. I am blessed with sweet friends who drop by with food and flowers and the latest town news. I always say yes to visitors!

Patience, patience in all things. I reminded myself this morning that I have an active imagination and can go anywhere I want in my mind. I am streaming some fascinating shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Books are here for the reading, and I’m writing my blog.

Out-of-town friends called to say they wanted to bring lunch. Yes! I warned them that my front walk was snowy, so he shoveled it after lunch. I am rich in the generosity and kindness of others.

Meanwhile, I am applying for part-time hospice positions which have shown up closer to me (desert). I know that all things are perfect in God’s timing, so I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

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