A Full Heart

Note: I may have to move my writing day to Thursday, now that I am working Tuesday and Wednesday and getting home late.

Two days of commuting to Redlands this week were helped by the opening of the road to Hemet for three hours in the morning and six in the evening, with a pilot car guiding us down. I am grateful for that.

Some temporary bumps in the road to starting this new job – one was needing Basic Life Support recertification NOW, which was accomplished fairly easily by finding a class on Wednesday.

Human Resources does not seem to like the name of my degree (Masters in Consciousness Studies), as they are looking for a degree in divinity or religion. We will work this out.

I am praying for one of my college housemates, who is recovering from a significant stroke. I am grateful that she has received excellent medical and rehabilitation care, and I pray that her recovery will be complete.

I visited with a teaching colleague who has recently entered hospice after a recurrence of cancer. I am heartened to hear that her pain has subsided and her mind is clearing as she is no longer receiving chemotherapy. I look forward to visiting with her regularly.

A new friend’s mother died earlier this week, and he is experiencing guilt over not being there with her. I am supporting him in his grief.

The grief support group is continuing, with deep conversations and sharing.

My heart is full of love, and I am using my compassion and skills to be with others in support. I am doing what I have been called to do. Thank you, Spirit.

Life is full.

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