Human Contact!

Who knew we’d still be socially isolating in mid-July? I’ve recommitted to staying home as much as possible. And, at the same time, I’m receiving requests that require human contact while being cautious. I accept them because it’s what I do. A beautiful memorial service outside, an upcoming wedding outdoors in my mountain town, and two home visits with patients and their families at or near the time of death. I feel so alive, as my words flow easily along with the tears.

It’s the human connection that I welcome back into my work life. I’m learning that there are new and creative ways to do this. We can connect as a small group online, sharing love and laughter as we explore topics like grief and journaling. And I can do selected home visits with clients I know who respect the need for masks and distance.

Since our Center for Spiritual Living here in Idyllwild has closed its doors for good, I am looking for other ways to share our message of love and oneness. Currently I’m thinking about a weekly half hour on Facebook Live. Time to take that next step.

Peace and love to my readers. Take good care of yourselves, because you matter to me. Share your love with the world safely.

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