You Can Do Amazing Things

I listened to Michael Gott singing this song tonight on a live broadcast, and it filled me with joy. Even the virtual event (Big Sky Retreat) didn’t faze me – I was just so happy to see the people I usually see there and listen to some dynamic speakers.

The words of the song reminded me of the potential of each one of us. We CAN do amazing things, but will we? Will we take the first step, and the one after that, to allow our talents and gifts to be received by others?

I have been noticing the little things (still amazing) that have been happening in the last week or so. A new (rescue) dog showed up in my life, found on an internet search of local rescue agencies. Radar (MASH influence) is cute, full of love, and just what I needed to get out walking again and expand my loving heart. My friends are enjoying meeting him, and I can hardly wait to introduce him to my sons.

Having a holiday on Monday gives me another day to shower my new dog with love, which he in turn gives back to me. I feel like I am being refilled and refreshed for work, so I can do small but significant “amazing things.” It has been hard the last few weeks, as almost every new patient has died within a few days. I have been able to give support and comfort to the family members who are providing care. I try to remind them what a gift they are giving to their loved one, hard as it may be.

I am reminded constantly of the care I was able to give to my brothers John and Brian and my mother in their final months. I stored up good memories that I treasure. To all the caregivers out there, you are amazing! Take good care of yourselves.


1 thought on “You Can Do Amazing Things

  1. Nice thoughts Maureen, I’m glad Radar and you found each other. I was a caregiver for my Dad for two years. He had Prostate Cancer and was bedridden because the cancer entered into his lower back and kept giving him tiny fractures. He was my best friend for ten years after my Mom died we all lived together. It was an honor to take care of him and I would do it again no question. Blessings, Georgiann


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