After a slight delay…

Now that I am connected to my “reverend” Facebook page, I am able to post my entries there as well, which was my original intent. All things in their own time!

I am now two years into ministry, and it’s interesting how things are showing up. I thought I’d have a growing chaplaincy practice by now, but it’s been slow in starting. I continue to look for a closer hospice organization to affiliate with, and I know that the right one is showing up!

I was offered the opportunity to work with a wedding consortium here in my town and in surrounding areas. The website is up, my head shot is posted (and I love it), but I think my intro is too generic and vague. Time to work on that, because I love doing weddings!

I am starting to teach another class with my co-minister and mentor, Rev. Helen Henderson. We have a small yet mighty core of students, and the discussions are lively and unpredictable. I really enjoy the teaching part of ministry.

I also enjoy speaking once a month, as compared to every Sunday. This allows me to pour my heart and soul into the talk,, giving each talk as much preparation as it needs.

Co-ministering with three seasoned ministers is challenging. That’s all I’ll say about that for now!


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