Silver Linings

Isn’t it interesting, how life sometimes doesn’t work out at all as we had planned? Or, as I like to quote from somewhere, “We plan – God laughs.”

I had intended this week to be a productive one, with more boxes unpacked from the recent move, a new class to teach, and  a new session of contemplative writing. Oh, how good I was going to feel about myself.

Cue smoke (literally) blowing in from another fire (no threat here), asthma, and bronchitis. Oh, and did I mention I completely lost my voice? Postpone the start of class until next week. Silver lining – I have another week to figure out how to get student handbooks printed, since my printer and computer have ceased communication.

With zero energy, I push the unpacking back. It will get done. I do manage to sort a few more items to give away. With all this free time, I recall how to reintroduce the printer to the computer (new WiFi password), and this makes me feel very technically savvy.

The contemplative writing class did not start a new session after all. I use that time to take the workbook to the local printer. Then I get a little visiting in with my coffee shop friends. A shot of socialization!

The weekend reward was a day of listening to Jazz in the Pines here in Idyllwild. Not going to happen. I feel worse and end up getting antibiotics. Silver lining -one of my teacher friends really wants to go, so here’s a ticket!

I see on Facebook that the musician I especially wanted to see today is going to live stream his performance. That’s a bonus blessing!

I also now have no excuse not to finish writing my talk for tomorrow.

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