Creating a New Work

I have been continuing to explore what is mine to do as the work of my ministry. I shared with my monthly ministers’ group this morning that living on a mountain has its challenges when it comes to finding jobs, specifically in the area of hospice chaplaincy. I currently hold a job in Covina, CA as a hospice chaplain, except there are no patients at this time for me to see. I have applied for positions in the desert, Beaumont, the Inland Empire, and Murrieta. I have opened myself up to full-time work if that comes available.

I have started writing, including this blog, and my focus will be on supporting others in loss and other areas of need. The group suggested doing my work online (join the 21st century, they say!). I am imagining how that would work, and what it would look like. It could be offering online groups, giving talks and more.

I follow several people who post webinars on areas of pastoral care and compassionate care. I could do that! Getting in touch with them could open up some possibilities, so I will do that – Step One.

The facilitator of our ministers’ group offered to talk with me about ideas, so I will take him up on his offer – Step Two.

I want to explore the idea of establishing a Focus Ministry in this area through Centers for Spiritual Living – Step Three.

I am open to suggestions and connections from readers of this post as well.

2 thoughts on “Creating a New Work

  1. I would just like to say I enjoyed reading your post. Everything that you post is inspirational and has really touched my life in a great way. You don’t know me personally but you know my husband mark spehar I am fairly new to the mountain and I would love to touch bases with you come talk to you. I am a recent suicide Survivor. As recent as a month ago. And every day I’m working towards getting my life back and finding out what my purpose on this Earth is and just loving myself. I am a rape Survivor over 20 years ago and I believe I just never dealt with that and as my daughter grew up and I got off the college and threw her master’s program I got married and having a new life with the new step kids even though they’re adults. And Mark you know his job being gone all the time I just found myself in a bad place. I also suffered a miscarriage in March. When I read your post and inspirational things that you post it makes me feel like I have hope again. Like I said I would like to connect with you and if you guys offer any classes I did see something about suicide. I would love to talk and share my story maybe I could help others and that would be part of my healing. I would love to connect with you thank you for your time Tara spehar


  2. Tara, thank you for commenting and reaching out. Let’s connect on Facebook, as I have seen you there, and start the conversation. I will find you there now.


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