Always learning

I have a goal to write once a week here, but my homework is getting in the way. No, I’m not pursuing another degree, but I am enrolled in two mentoring programs that are stretching me in very good ways.

The first one is Natalie Ledwell’s Ultimate Success Mastery. She is a vibrant woman from Australia (great accent!) who leads live online sessions on creating new intentions and goals, in my case around the area of career and money. Yes, the M word – like getting compensated fairly for one’s efforts and skills. I recently “graduated” from Module Four (out of 12), and had a bag of M&Ms to celebrate! I am now a rock star at  generating affirmations, even putting them in a “Mind Movie” along with photos and music. Watching my movie gives me a boost of confidence and inspiration in reaching my goals. We write lots daily along with watching videos.

The second program is Mary Morrissey’s Quantum Leap, a sixth month, weekly  online class. I met Mary last year at Big Sky Retreat in Montana. My friend Sandy Dee (on my left) has trained extensively with her, and I eagerly joined on to get the benefit of Mary’s experience and teaching. More writing and listening and thinking, and I love it.

My goal is to increase my compensation for my work, using my education and talents, as well as enjoying my work. I am also doing some private consulting with my friend and colleague Rev. Mark Anthony Lord in the area of online work.

I am blessed to be supported by such a powerful group of mentors. Taking the first step was important, as I contacted each one of them. They will not achieve my goal for me, as I have to do the work. Their guidance and insights are priceless.

I also have two class sessions left to teach for my Center. Each class takes three to four hours to prepare, so I will be glad to have that time back to myself. I am delving into creative writing, with a contemplative writing class (in person) and a new online poetry class. I wouldn’t do these if I didn’t love the experience. Just call me “crazy to write”!

I feel much better after getting these words into my computer. Enjoy, and I’ll return next week – promise!

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  1. You’re doing great!!!!!


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