Stretching and Growing

The growing edge, I think it’s called. That uncomfortable, sometimes scary place where change is emerging. I’m out of my comfort zone. Life is not exactly going as planned. I see in others what I dislike in myself. Discontent. Does any of this sound familiar?

I have been listening to Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness while driving. So much good material for thought, so I’m going to buy the book. Ideas on belonging versus fitting in, authenticity, and speaking truth to bullshit are dancing in my head.

More ideas are coming at me from online. Live my passions – there isn’t just one! I chose five, and am focusing on living and loving a healthy lifestyle as well as hanging with the people I love. My goals are defined and my path is clear ahead. All it takes is action on my part.

What if my goal, a great job that allows me to use my skills on a part-time basis, almost showed up, but at the wrong time (and it was full-time)? I am having knee surgery in January, so now is not a good time to be offered a job, but that’s exactly what happened. Knowing the timing and full-time schedule were not for me, I politely declined to accept it. And I’m okay with that! When the intention is clear, the path opens up before me. Something that fits my goal exactly is on the way.

Of course I want continue to  serve in the role of a hospice chaplain. I have been shown that right now I have to take care of my own health, which includes healing from surgery.

Even here in my own town, opportunities show up daily to listen to and support people around me. Our annual Service of Solace is coming up in a few weeks. This is a program for people who have had losses and sorrow in the past year, making the holiday time feel less joyful. I first attended as a person with a very heavy heart, reeling from too many family deaths. Now I participate as a reader and presenter, while still receiving solace. I promote this program, inviting those I know are suffering.

Another program I am working with locally is the nation-wide Living Room Conversations, a structured format allowing topics that may feel unsafe to be discussed in small groups with an emphasis on listening. I have introduced this to my spiritual center, and have also participated in and hosted conversations online.

More next week on what’s happening.



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