Physical Challenges

Why is it so hard for ministers to face medical problems and other physical challenges? I don’t personally think I bring everything on myself, although I recognize that excess weight has added to my knee problems. That’s why I am losing weight, 17 pounds so far.

I do believe in following medical advice, and seeking out that advice in the first place. When the orthopedic specialist pronounced that cortisone shots would help my severe knee pain, but I would ultimately need replacement of both of my knees, I admit to being stunned, if not incredulous. Isn’t there anything else we can do first? Well, no. There’s osteoarthritis in both knees, and bone rubbing on bone.

By the time I told my adult sons the news, I had decided to focus on becoming the bionic woman, celebrating how good it would feel to be active again without pain. I “looked on the bright side,” anticipating the good that would come from taking care of myself. No playing the victim for me.

When my optometrist found a cataract negatively impacting my vision in my left eye (the same week!), I initially balked at the idea of eye surgery. I was fearful, until I remembered that my mom had gone through the same surgery, saying that it was “easy” and “no big deal.” Okay, Mom, I get it. Don’t be a chicken! I accepted my initial reaction of fear in both cases, and moved fairly quickly to acceptance and anticipation of good results and better living.

It’s all about attitude, isn’t it? Yes, getting older isn’t for sissies, but how I choose to handle “infirmities” and “setbacks” is really up to me. Wallow in resentment and my “poor me” story, or move into solutions and seeing the good that will come. It’s up to me. I think I’m doing a darn good job.

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