Laughter and Aging

I took part tonight in a webinar on aging, figuring I might as well. Aging is happening, whether I want it to or not.

And I realized some things in the process. My Dad is my role model on aging. He died at the age of 92, and he did the aging journey just the way I want to continue doing it.

He never stopped learning, whether it was taking extension classes and the local state university or reading series of books on a topic he decided to explore. At 79 or so, he decided to learn a new language – Spanish – to add to French and German. Oh, and he had studied Latin in high school and college as well.

Dad incorporated exercise into his daily way of life. Golf was a passion, but he also walked regularly and used exercise equipment at home.

He used to drive me crazy with his recommendations on eating in a healthy manner, but he took his own advice. Now I see that it’s how I’m choosing to live as well. Sorry I didn’t recognize this sooner, Dad.

In our discussion tonight, we shared best practices we use in our own lives. Some of my favorites are: laughter, smiling, living a vital life, having a social network, giving, gardening, lifelong learning, and sharing our wisdom.

I don’t enjoy crossword puzzles or sudoku, but I do agree that keeping the mind active is good. So is gratitude and a positive attitude.

I am choosing to age well, like a fine wine, with a minimum of health complaints and maximum enjoyment of the little things in life.

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