Finding Love and Joy

I have had some wonderful interactions with the people I’ve seen in my work this week. In looking for some common themes, I’ve come across a few. I’ve heard gratitude and love expressed in many different ways.

For one woman, the support of her adult children was very much on her mind. Two daughters were at her apartment when I visited, sorting and doing laundry along with rearranging furniture to fit the new hospital bed.

Another woman was grateful for the friends who visited regularly. Even if she didn’t join in the conversation, she loved hearing their words and laughter around her. Just having the friends there lifted her up.

For a third woman, the love was a bit harder to find, but it came through when she talked about the compassion and care shown by the hospice staff and volunteers when they came to her home. Getting groceries delivered to her home made this woman grateful as well.

It really is the little things that matter. I’m thinking of the expression that no kindness, however small, is ever wasted. When someone is homebound and ill, every little kindness truly matters. I am so grateful for the wonderful team I work with, and how each one of them shows love and compassion to our patients. I listened to a nurse comforting a family member over the phone, and was filled with joy for our calling.

A lovely woman told me this week that she always welcomes a new spiritual friend, and I was so happy to offer that to her. Yes, hospice work can be hard and sad, but it’s also a work of love and joy.




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