A New Chapter

I went to see the movie “Rocketman” tonight – what a story! I loved the music, of course, as it was from my era. Every song evoked memories. I was saddened by Elton John’s struggles, as I didn’t know about most of them. The turning point, hinted at the beginning of the film, came when he made the decision to change his life, to start over.

How many times are we presented with the opportunity to try another way? How many times do we stay the course, even if it may lead to disaster? There are so many turning points in life, and not all of them seem positive. Sometimes it may feel like it’s the worst thing that can happen, and maybe it is. But if it’s happening anyway, the choice we have is how to react and respond to it.

I use the example of my mom’s physical decline after my dad and my brother died. She simply did not want to go on. I wanted to fight it, to urge her on, because there were three adult children and four grandsons still here. Couldn’t she live for us? But it wasn’t my choice to make – it was hers. My decision was how I was going to react to her choice.

I chose love. Much as I wanted my mom in my life, I saw how tired and ill she was. When she signed the “Do Not Resuscitate” request, I was sad, but I accepted and honored her decision. In the end, it allowed her to die at home instead of prolonging her life with artificial means in the hospital. Sitting by her side on her bed that last day, I said my good-byes and loved her into her next chapter.

That is what is ours to do. Our loved ones make decisions on how they want to be cared for in the end, just as each of us wants to do. We listen and respond with love.

1 thought on “A New Chapter

  1. Well written and so true. May those around us at “our” time to begin our next chapter allow us the freedom to depart this chapter our own way.

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