I went on a spiritual retreat this past week for four days, and it was everything I needed. The world quieted and slowed down. I took long walks and watched dolphins playing in the surf. I listened and sang and prayed and meditated. I wrote and read and listened some more.

Rest is certainly good for the soul. Our body and mind require rest to refresh and recharge, and so does our spirit. I see a retreat as a time to recharge my spiritual battery, to plug into Source. I relax and let go.

I love the chance to reconnect with people I went to ministerial school with, as well as spiritual teachers and mentors. There is always the chance to make new connections as well.

A retreat is a much needed change of pace. I smile and say hello to the friendly people here. I take time to thank the people who are helping. I catch an extra hour of sleep, bask in the sunshine while doing nothing but being grateful.

And then I return home. I let the good, relaxed feelings stay with me on the drive. I return to work refreshed and renewed. I step into a crisis situation and remain calm, giving support and love, being present. I see parallels in the crisis as I remember my own mother’s last days, and I stay centered and connected to Source.

I return home and give myself the selfcare that my body, mind and soul require. I am grateful for the respite, for my short work week, for the skills I have and the lessons I have learned. I give thanks for my work, my colleagues, my friends and my family. I have all the support and love that I need to be God in action.

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